I'm a 20 year old from Brisbane, currently studying a double degree of International Business and Information Technology.

I enjoy football, gaming, volleyball and working in teams to complete complex and challenging tasks. I am in my fourth year, first semester at university with a GPA of 6.6.

Throughout my university and work tasks, I have become proficient in various skills including Javascript, PHP, MySQL, HTML5/CSS3, Rx and MYOB

I am very comfortable using these languages/programs and I am an avid learner keen to further my knowledge.





2013 - Present

Oncol Pty Ltd

Administration Assistant - Medical Practice

In my role as an administration assistant at Oncol Pty Ltd I have learnt many skills, including gaining proficiency in the use of Rx and MYOB. Tasks I undertake include processing the weekly billing for treatment services to be sent to health funds, reconciling bad debtors and processing billing receipts.

2012 - Present


Storeperson - Biopharmaceuticals

As a storeperson at Alere, the busy warehouse environment has taught me the importance of time management, attention to detail and organisation.

My usual jobs include picking, packing and then processing orders ready for pickup and delivery. All stages of this process require aptitude in these three areas as it is paramount orders are sent on time, the correct goods are sent and paperwork is filed correctly.

2013 - Present


International Business & IT

I am in the third year of my four year degree, having studying International Business, International Logistics and undertaking a project unit this semester. As a part of the project I am undertaking, I travelled to Malaysia at the end of September to teach ICT and renewable energy in a rural primary shool in Pahang. You can hear about what we did here

I thoroughly enjoy university and find it a very rewarding experience. I am a member of the university football team, and since last semester I am an IT Peer Learning Facilitator for STIMulate.

2007 - 2012


Brisbane, Australia

I attended Churchie from grade 7 until grade 12. During my time there I received various academic awards, and sporting awards for volleyball and football.

High School engrained in me the importance of healthy study habits, and I believe this has assisted my transition to university.